These items are owned by the lag and/or individual members:


Boka om Land (Books about Land)
These are bygdebøker (bygd books), and all bear the same main title








  • Engelien, Ola, and Håkon Solum. Itte sæint atte je ar kvæint: Dialektord og uttrykk fra Søndre Land. Lands Museum Særpublikasjon Nr. 1. Dokka and Hov: Lands Museum and Søndre Land Kulturkontor, 1994. LAND ARCHIVES.
  • Landings Laget. Land-i-Amerika. This is the current newsletter of Landings Laget. It superseded Randsfjord Fuglen. Editors of the newsletter have been Borghild Olson, Helen Vinje, Calvin Pederson, Carol and Ray Olson, and Ann Edwards LAND ARCHIVES, ANN EDWARDS, CAROL AND RAY OLSON.
  • Landings Laget. Secretaries' Minutes, Landings-Laget 1910-1975. The original book, in Norwegian thru 1971, is on deposit at NAHA, St Olaf College, Northfield, MN. A copy translated by Helen Vinje is  in the History File and has been digitized. CURRENT SECRETARY.
  • Lands Museum. Landingen Årboker. 1976 to date. Gjøvik: Oppland-trykk. Here are found excellent essays on various subjects pertaining to Land. CAROL AND RAY OLSON (1976-1977, 1979-1980- date); THELMA JOHNSON (1983; 1993).
  • Loken, Gulbrand. From Fjord to Frontier: A History of the Norwegians in Canada. Published by McClelland and Stewart Ltd. in association with the Multiculturalism Directorate, Department of the Secretary of State and Canadian Government Publishing Centre, Supply and Services Canada. 1980. THELMA JOHNSON.
  • Njus, N. J., and Mons Sotendahl. Festskrift Kirkelige Arbeide Norway Lake fra 1862-1916 (also translation). THELMA JOHNSON.
  • Olson, Carol A., Ray A. Olson, and Ann Ryall Edwards, comp. Landings across the Ocean: A Collection of Essays by Norwegian Americans and Norwegians with Roots in Land, Oppland Fylke (County), Norway. St. Paul, MN: Landings Laget of America, 1997. SOLD TO LANDINGS LAGET MEMBERS AND OTHER INTERESTED PARTIES; DEPOSITED IN NORWEGIAN- AMERICAN LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES COLLECTIONS.
  • Sandaker, Arvid. "Emigration from Land Parish to America, 1866-1875." In Norwegian-American Studies, Vol. 26, pp. 49-74. Northfield, Minnesota: NAHA, 1974. CAROL AND RAY OLSON.
  • Søndre Land Kommune. Søndre Land Kommune 1837-1987: 150 å lokal folkestyre. Gjøvik: Oppland- Trykk, 1987. CAROL OLSON.
  • Ulvestad, Martin. Norge i Amerika med kart (Norway in America with Map). Minneapolis, MN: Norge i Amerika Pub. Co., 1901. Here one can check for an American community and find a list of some of the Norwegian inhabitants. Norwegian-American leaders in a given locale are pointed out. OSCAR LUND, CAROL AND RAY OLSON.
  • Ulvestad, Martin. Nordmændene i Amerika, deres historie og rekord (Norsemen in America, Their History and Record). 2 vols. Minneapolis, MN: History Book Company's Forlag, 1906-1913. Volume I gives a history of the settlements and discusses various accomplishments of the settlers. A list of those who fought in the Civil War is included. Last, there is a compilation of Norwegian towns and areas with emigrants' names and where they lived in America at the time of publication. Volume 2 is a biographical index. THELMA JOHNSON, CAROL & RAY OLSON.
  • Ulvestad, Martin. Norsk Amerikaneren, Vikings and their Descendants. 1930. OSCAR LUND.
  • Waslien, Peter S., ed. Landings-Bogen (Book of the Landings). Decorah, IA.: Anundsen Publishing, 1924. A list of members of Landings Laget, genealogies, and some pictures are included. OSCAR LUND, CAROL AND RAY OLSON.


These items may be found in libraries which collect Norwegian-American works; some are also owned by the lag and/or individual members:


  • Lovoll, Odd S. The Promise of America: A History of the Norwegian-American People. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press, 1984. It contains extensive bibliography for further historical reading.

  • Lovoll, Odd S. The Promise Fulfilled: A Portrait of Norwegian Americans Today. Minneapolis, MN: Published by the University of Minnesota Press in cooperation with the Norwegian-American Historical Association, 1998.
  • Norlie, Olaf M. A History of the Norwegian People in America. Minneapolis, MN: Augsburg Publishing House, 1925.
  • Norwegians to America. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget, 1984. This is a delightful little book about emigrating Norwegians. The first part relates, through their correspondence with the homeland, the settlement of a brother and sister in America. The second part is a compact overview of the Norwegian-American saga.
  • Our Norwegian Immigrants: A Hundred-Year Saga Told in Pictures-Utvandrerne til Amerika: Deres historie i bilder. Ed. Jon Thallaug and Rolf Erickson. Oslo: Dreyers Forlag, 1978.
  • Semmingsen, Ingrid. Norway to America: A History of the Migration. Trans. Einar Haugen. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota, 1978.
  • Semmingsen, Ingrid. Veien mot vest: Utvandringen fra Norge til Amerika (The Way West: Emigration from Norway to America). 2 vols. Oslo: Aschehoug, 1942-1950. Vol. 1: 1825-65; vol.2: 1865-19l5.
  • Skårdal, Dorothy B. The Divided Heart: Scandinavian Immigrant Experience through Literary Sources. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 1974. An extensive bibliography of Scandinavian- American literature is a unique feature of this book.


  • Lovoll, Odd S. A Folk Epic: The Bygdelag in America. Boston, MA: Published for the Norwegian- American Historical Association (NAHA) by Twayne Publishers, 1975. Its bibliography covers a wide assortment of publications about bygdelags.
  • Slagsvold, P. A., ed. Bygdelagenes Fellesraad årbok og julehilsen 1929 (Yearbook and Christmas Greeting, 1929). Minneapolis, MN: 1929. A brief history of most of the active bygdelags is included.
  • Veblen, Andrew A. "The Bygdelag Movement." In the Valdres Book, pp. 44-90. Minneapolis: Author, 1920.


  • Thomsen, Finn A. Scandinavian Genealogical Research Manual. 3 vols. in 1. Bountiful, UT: Thomsen's Genealogical Center, 1980.
    • Vol. 1-Danish-Norwegian Language Guide and Dictionary.
    • Vol. 2-The Old Handwriting and Names of Denmark and Norway.
    • Vol. 3-Danish-Norwegian Genealogical Research Sources. This is an excellent aid to have on hand when one consults old parish records on microfilm. The handwriting guide is very helpful in figuring out the sometimes faded script from an ancient pen.


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